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Sunshines Elite Making Ends Meet x Sunshines Cruz'n Afterall

AKC reg./ Microchipped / Scissors bite / Not red-factored

 OFA GOOD AS-29985G35F-VPI/~CERF Clear 7-17

PAW PRINTS GENETICS: CD -/-, CEA-/-, DM -/-, HCF4 -/-, HUU -/-, MDRI -/+, MFR 1 -/-, NCL -/-, PRA, PRCD-/-

     Whitney comes from our friend Rachel @ Wolfcreek Aussies,in Kentucky, who kept telling us how fantastic this lovely girl was.  She recounted her amazing pedigree along with the many show ring success's of "Whitt's" ancestors.  We knew Rachel was Whitney just had to come join us~! 

    We were told how sweet and attentive Whitney was, but she is even more sweet than first described.  And if you were look up the meaning  of "Velcro Dog" in a dog owner's manual, there should be a picture of THIS girl~!

  Whitney is super flashy, has a soft, alluring expression, natural ears, a lovely neck into shoulder, easy flowing movement, a nice front, rear and coat. She also has one brilliant sky blue eye, a scissors bite, plus this beautiful 'package' is all tied together by a sweet, easy-going nature and a big desire to please.....WOW~!


        Whitney has matured nicely and has fulfilled the intended goal of the stand-out she was bred to be. With typical aussie flair, she quickly decides she likes some things more than others. Whitney is a gentle, quiet, sensitive beauty, both easy to live with and to love.

WOW, just beautiful...what is not to love ?


 Whitney's solid topline & balanced side gait at 15 months of age.


Whitney's Parents:  


Sire:    Stitch                 Dam:   P.T.