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SunBears True Believer In Cinder.....TULSA aka Tully

CH. Windham Hill Daydream Believer  x  Burnt To A Cinder

AKC reg./ Red-factored/ Scissors bite, no missing teeth.

CERF Exam CLEAR 9-1-17, OFA Pending.

PawPrints Genetic testing results. CEA (clear), DM (clear)  MDR1 Normal (clear), the rest Clear by parentage.

WOW... what can I tell you about this AMAZING guy? Well, I will try to keep it bried, but he came to us super friendly, socialized with kids and other dogs and was a cuddly, loving guy from our 1st meeting!  This sensational guy became TULSA aka Tully. We are THRILLED to have found this Hollywood handsome, big boned, social, LOVING, extra SWEET hairy clown. Tulsa has a heart of gold and a sweetness that is palpable, yet he is also LOYAL and will guard his loved ones~ Look out, I could go on and on about Tully~!

Tully is healthy and sires wonderful pups in all colors, including rich reds! While pups can take after either parent, physically or personality wise, many have inherited his stellar personality and we are very proud of it~! Sharing his love and humor and beauty with others. Nothing much more we could ask for from this Auss-some guy! 

A while back I was scouring the U.S. for a jaw dropping future sire, that I happened upon a strong candidate in Oklahoma. While asking Shannon many questions about her litter, I kept seeing this STUNNING blue merle puppy (TULSA). So I asked the fateful question...... " Is the blue merle with all the black on him still available?" And she said he is! 

I said, "I WANT HIM...... I REALLY WANT HIM!" 

Now I have a new friend in Shannon and a terrific dog, who she wanted to keep for herself, but was generous enough to share her super pup with ME. THANK YOU AGAIN Shannon~!

                                                  Tulsa just keeps on getting better & BETTER~! Pictured below on 4-20-18.

The following pictures of sweet TULLY were taken in April 2019 on a whim.... none show him groomed. However it is easy to see that he is simply a remarkably handsome guy even totally a la naturel'.


       Above are Tully, Saleen(middle) and Summer, April 2019.


             << TULLY in March 2018 >>

                 <<   Tulsa, 3/18. ^^

         Tully, 3/18 above & below.

                 Tully in 3/18 again.

        Seeing a pattern start 9/17.


                                                                                 TULSA pictured below in Sept. 2017.


                                                              Tully, above, such a CUTE snuggle pup @ 3 months old.

         Tulsa's sire, CH. Windham Hills Daydream Believer

              Tulsa's mother, Burnt To A Cinder