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Theresa, I am so grateful for my amazing, wonderful, best-doggie-in-the-world, Mr. Connor Langford, and I just have to thank you for the role you played in bringing him into my life. :) Michael and I just can't contain ourselves in how much we adore that aussie dog! Coming up on 6 years in August...     Susan
Tina has a new name and it is Addie! and she is a joy!  The first few days I had her she was such a sweet and good tempered puppy.  David keeps calling her the "perfect dog", and they have become best buds. Both myself and David cannot thank you enough for this sweet sweet puppy who is undoubtedly going to grow into an excellent and loyal aussie.  I will keep you updated with pictures as she grows.   Sincerely,   Catherince B.
Theresa, we have known each other for such a long time and i can not express my gratitude for producing a MILES son such as Enzo.  Enzo is a character, he's loving, kind, crazy and stunning.  When i first saw him and knew MILES was his daddy i knew he was ours,,,,,he's a mix on one side of our dearly departed Sampson,,,,,,and the other our dearly departed Nikki,,,,,,HOW DID YOU KNOW??  I adore you AND your standards and experience, and more importantly your love for aussies,,,,,,,,,,,,YOU ARE SO NUMBER ONE in my book,,,,we all adore you! lisa, marty, max, bella and enzoooooooooooooooooooooo (your miles boy)
 Ace is sooo busy training for a service dog. He is learning agility courses, walking the plank, climbing, swimming, playing with other dogs, learning about strollers and wheelchairs, walking downtown Salisbury with cross walks...whew, this dog is getting a work out! We are enjoying him being with us so much, and this is one special dog.

Murry Man is in beginner agility right now and loves it, our trainer is an Aussie owner/lover.  We live in Colorado now, aussies are very popular here but he is the best of all of them, he is AWESOME!  I get constant compliments on him, I tell them I found a great breeder at Sunbear aussies.  I have met several that were bred here in Colorado and they are a lot more high strung then Murry.  Murry is perfect!  He is super spoiled and goes everywhere with me.  Hope all is well with you.    Erica S.

EDEN (we call her Josie now)  is doing really well. We did basic obedience in the winter, sheep herding in the early spring and agility in the spring. Over the summer, we did a fair amount of hiking and camping but spent a LOT of time swimming. She LOVED it! We couldn't keep her out of the water! She also learned how to kayak!    Best, Gail B.

" The Total Package " could not be a more accurate! I recently had the pleasure of caring for "Jenna" at Five Points Pet Resort.  I have a BA in psychology and have worked around dogs for many years. Jenna is by far the most well-rounded aussie I have had the pleasure of meeting:) Sweet, intelligent, calm, an unrelenting desire to please, not to mention absolutely beautiful. Her owner's are blessed, as Jenna is to have them:)   Tori C.

 We did get the papers for Luna!  She is doing great!  Wesley bought her 13 is always fun to see which one Luna is wearing today.  Luna has gotten her second set of puppy shots.  The vet said she is beautiful and problems there!  We are eager to take her for long walks as she is abundantly energetic!  Wesley sleeps with Luna on our screened in porch because it is cooler there...Luna loves the slate floor.  My ten year old rat terrier has been her good buddy.  They wrestle and play and share toys.    B. Conklin

Our Levvy is doing great. He is such a joy in our lives. He is undoubtedly the most gentle, smart, obedient, and loving animal in the world. ;-) He is such a great dog with the kids....a natural babysitter.  He is GORGEOUS, looks like a clone of his father, Breaker!

 Hi Theresa, I've been wanting to write you and Lindsay about our gorgeous Ruby, born to Miles and Emily in December!  Just wanted to let you know that she is absolutely beautiful and has been such a joy.  We have many pictures of her, but I seem to have misplaced my camera cord to upload pictures.  In about a month, I will hopefully be starting agility training with her. When we brought her home from VA, she was an angel.......and still is. That first evening when we went to bed, we placed her in her crate and not ONE whimper or crying. At first i thought I was going to be up all night for the next couple of weeks, but I was prepared for that! Lo and behold, I NEVER lost any sleep with her! Bed time was bed time!  Oh how I love Aussies, and wouldn't think of having it any other way.
Thank you for this extraordinary dog! Patti G.

 Wiley is a fun puppy, at 9 wks. we have already taught him how to sit and I taught him to get up on his back two legs :)  He is very smart and the whole family loves him.  He loves to be rubbed and he loves to play in the water.  He is fearless when it comes to any other dog (big or small).  I love him so much <3  He is the perfect puppy :)  Thank You!!!  Danielle R.

 Thank you for being so nice to all of my crowd during their visit.  They really had a wonderful time, and we just love this dog to pieces!  We have named him 'Raleigh' . He has a great demeanor and has really been an easy-going pup so far.  He really just lights up a room, and my wife and I are so excited to have him in our house!  Thank you,  G. Thomas, Jr. UPDATE for Raleigh, 
 Hey Theresa,
I hope all is well! I just wanted to update you on "Raleigh".  Please see the attached pictures. He is a beautiful dog, people compliment him on his looks all the time.  I am amazed at how much he resembles his mom.  Anyway, I thought you would want to know how much joy Raleigh has brought to our lives!  He has turned out to be a heck of a frisbee dog.  He also loves water jumping/diving at the dog park, and playing at the beach.  He and I are inseparable, in fact, he's asleep at my feet right now while I'm writing this email.
All the best to the Sunbears!  G. Thomas, Jr.

Theresa, Thank you so much~!  You have no idea how often we think about you.  Pat and I are so thankful for the day that Tesla came to live with us.  She is such a delight, and is our "Darling Dog Daughter".  She has added so much to our home and we love her so much!     Take Care, Suzanne