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  Ch. Mill Creeks Rave Reviews x Criterias Smokey Robynson

          AKC/ASCA/UKC/NSDR reg./DNA'd w/AKC & ASCA/Red-factored/

                  OFA EXCELLENT AS-24692E39M-VPI /CERF Clear 6-12

 We recently lost a major contributor to the heart, soul, humor and progeny here at SunBear. Our BELOVED Miles departed us after a brief and tragic battle w/ cancer. Desperately missed, we keep wishing to see his gorgeous face and his 'happy dance' while making his silly trademark vocalizations upon every greeting. We are in dreadful agony. MILES was truly ONE IN A MILLION and will be greatly Missed and Mourned by most that knew him. Thankfully we had him collected and saved before this tragedy. Plus we share our home with two of his beautiful daughters, Kimber and Dusty who carry on what he began, a BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING Legacy.

 Miles was our senior sire at SunBear.  He was an extremely handsome, confident male that lived up to his impressive pedigree, siring beautiful pups in all colors, including rich reds.  An ambassador for the breed, his vivid coloring, magnetic personality and outgoing attitude invited interest from many, thereby introducing others to the exciting and wonderful world of aussies!

  We believe Miles absolutely defined ..."The Total Package!" 


   *Miles is the sire of each pup pictured on our HOME page*

Miles was a dynamic, bold personality.  He frequently bestowed his signature "aussie hug", complete w/ heartfelt kisses upon our family.  Miles was quite athletic and a stylish "fetch" player.  Any frisbee or toy was to be pitied as he retrieved the object of his desire! 


 Miles displayed determination when protecting his home and family.  He added a sense of security & well-being just being here. Devoted, loving and loyal, we felt joy and comfort from his daily presence and then nightly as he lay sleeping by our bedsides.                                                                                                                                                                                                

 Miles taught us many things about Aussies and graced us with countless hours of uproarious laughter at his silliness. And he tried to do his very best everyday. He provided our family his undying loyalty, laughter and love. By our account these are some of the very BEST Gifts we can share with others in this world~!



Our friend Karen Ward (below) showing Miles, BOTH are departed, but not forgotten.


 Miles remains in death as he was in life, a VERY IMPORTANT and TREASURED part of our family.  The SunBears greatly benefited from his solid type, great pedigree, dashing good looks and most excellent personality.  We are THANKFUL for the contributions he made towards our goals.  Miles produced several pups and now grand pups that are competing at dog shows and winning in conformation, even defeating Champions of record along the way!  Never to be typecast, he sired pups competitive in other venues, as well as lovable family companions who sing his praises. We are VERY PROUD of Miles' kids and we salute their dedicated owners for their success with his and our SunBear pups. 

I cannot tell you how many times we heard these flattering words...


That pretty much says it all.  Thank you for the Gift Of YOU and the time spent with us our magnificent raven-haired friend...

I PROMISE ... WE Will Never FORGET you~!!!


 Miles was collected and saved for future generations of exceptional aussies~!