SunBear Australian Shepherds
 "The Total Package"   Contact: 336-307-0872

      By: Spring Creeks Gunslinger x Spring Creeks Lucky Shot
 AKC/ASCA reg. / Not red-factored / Scissors Bite / CERF Clear 7-17 / OFA pending
 PAW PRINTS Genetic Testing:   CEA -/-,  CD -/-,  DM -/+,  HSF4 -/-, Hyperurcosuria -/-,  MDR1 -/-,  NCL 6 -/-,  PRCD -/-

      Honey is sooo sweet that her name could have been 'sweeter than honey'~!  On top of being a beautiful, gentle girl, Honey is oddly calm for an Aussie.  Ever a happy soul, she bounces and bows and is playful and delightfully engaging.  Her favorite thing in life is to have her belly rubbed.

     Honey enjoys nothing more then being pet, she melts into your thigh while she gazes lovingly and happily at us with her gorgeous sky blue eyes. She has an adorable way of walking in front of us, looking over her shoulder with a big Aussie grin and wiggling her bottom, all while curved in the shape of the letter 'C', which we aptly call 'the C dog'. She is guaranteed to make us smile, day or night, no matter the difficulty a day may bring. She's always excited and joyous to see us and is the most agreeable girl when playing with the others! 

      Extremely fast, very agile and always non-confrontational, she's the breed standard come to life. Honey is a pure joy and I often wish that we had 5 more just like her~!

                                             Honey above & below in March 2018



                              HONEY, April 2017

                                   HONEY, April 2017


         HONEY's Sire, Spring Creeks Gunslinger (below)

       HONEY's Mom, Springcreeks Lucky Shot (below)