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    We found these videos on YouTube and they are helpful, go-to sources to answer most frequently asked questions regarding how-to groom your aussie when grooming at home.

Just copy & paste either link below to your browser.  


 Grooming your aussie:

 Drying your dog:

 Grooming Ears:

 Grooming Feet:

 Grooming Tail:


 Also of interest to some.....

 Australian Shepherd 101


   We use most of the items found in these video's, made by various grooming suppliers. The important thing is to GROOM your aussie and make it an enjoyable and bonding experience~! And we suggest that you offer brushing 2-3 times a week for 5+ minutes at a time to minimize the hair in your home. 

  It is easy to find a HUGE selection of grooming aids between internet sites and pet stores in your area.