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SunBear's Summer Shandi Afterglow


      AKC reg. // Red-Factored // Scissors Bite, No missing teeth// OFA Pending

                           PAW PRINTS GENETICS TESTING:

CD -/-, CEA-/+, DM -/-, HCF4 -/-, HUU -/-, MDRI -/-, MFR 1 -/-, NCL -/-, PRA, PRCD-/-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        9-1-17  SHANDI MAY BE AVAILABLE TO JUST THE PERFECT/LOVING PET HOME. Contact us for details. 

     Beautiful Shandi is the daughter of our lovely Shiver. Shiver is now residing in Va.  but letf Shandi with us to carry on her legacy. 

      Shandi is sired by Gershwin, a stunning French import.


     Shandi makes my heart flutter with one look into her gorgeous face~! A 'head hunter' from my horse  showing days, Shandi has a beautiful face & alluring expression for such a young girl.

    Just a baby girl now and the resident 'Wild Child' we look forward to watching her develop as she frolics around our home w/ her playmates~!

Shandi playing in April 2017. Growing up to be a very, very cute girl~!

 SHANDI as a gangly pup of 4.5 months of age,  Nov. 2016.
      These 2 pictures are so much alike though taken months apart. And show the amazing changes our babies go thru in a short amount of time.
        Shandi @ 4.5 months of age.
       Shandi @ 5 1/2 weeks of age.

                                SHANDI, a Gorgeous girl @ 8 weeks of age.

                                                        Shown here @ 7 wks.

2 week old Shandi.

A tiny beauty~!

GERSHWIN, Sire of Shandi
SHIVER, Mother of Shandi