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SunBears Fun In The Sun

Meet MAYA~! This girl lived with my son and his wife and son for approx. 15 months and then moved back home to SunBear in February 2018. She is an important girl in my mind as she carries the bloodlines of our outstanding older sires, MILES & JUSTIN. Those 2 boys were nothing short of AMAZING and they undoubtedly set the bar high for any sires following in their footsteps due the tremendous type, smarts and pedigree's they passed on to their progeny.  From them comes our Maya, combining both into one cute, medium sized, personality packed tartlet~!  

Maya is an Alpha female, Confident, Smart, BOSSY, Focused, Determined, Capable, FAST and Nimble as a cat~!  Anything you can show her to do .... she will do it..... adding her own FLAIR~! What a girl ..... and she simply much epitomizes "The Total Package"~!